Trusted by Sweeping Businesses Both Large & Small, Bids•A•Lot is the Only Tool You Need to Get the Sweeping Jobs You Want!

Bids•A•Lot is a Unique & Reliable Tool

  • Increase your profit margin without overbidding
  • Bid like a seasoned pro each & every time
  • Generate 9 option bids to give your customers more choices
  • Generate professional invoices complete with your own logo
  • Market your business with Bids•A•Lot’s marketing functions
  • Analyze existing jobs for profitability and determine if they are making you enough money

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Wouldn’t it be great if there were a program that made analyzing, bidding and keeping track of your sweeping clients easier? And what would make that program so much better, is if it were available whenever you needed it without having to download any software or worry about whether or not your system could run it. That’s Bids•A•Lot! Our web-based app has been tailored for sweeping businesses of all sizes. Stop using make-shift software and use one that’s been tailored to fit your needs! Bids•A•Lot is the answer!
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Bids•A•Lot is an online program that answers the question of how to bid sweeping jobs. Generating Sweeping Bids can be difficult and time consuming. Bids•A•Lot automates that process. It has been designed and developed specifically for Parking Lot Sweeping; to generate Sweeping Bids that are consistently accurate and done quickly. Just set your charge standard, fill in the details of the lot and it calculates your bid. Sweepers that are new in the business benefit, as well as those who have many years of experience.
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