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How Can Bids-A-Lot Help MY Business?

When it comes to sweeping, there are many different forms of such work. And the truth is, Bids-A-Lot has been created with all of them in mind! In this post, we invite you to discover how Bids-A-Lot can help your sweeping business, no matter your specialty or list of services offered. First, we’ll explore the service […]

Welcome to the New Bids-A-Lot

Bids-A-Lot was first introduced to sweeping businesses everywhere in 1998 as a floppy disk-based program. Some years later, when the CD-ROM was widely being used, Bids-A-Lot was then converted to a CD-ROM format and sent via snail mail to interested users. And finally, in 2006, Bids-A-Lot made it’s way online as a web-based program. And […]