How Can Bids-A-Lot Help MY Business?

The survey screen from the Bids-A-Lot programWhen it comes to sweeping, there are many different forms of such work. And the truth is, Bids-A-Lot has been created with all of them in mind! In this post, we invite you to discover how Bids-A-Lot can help your sweeping business, no matter your specialty or list of services offered. First, we’ll explore the service and ways in which the Bids-A-Lot program can help:

Asphalt Maintenance

This typically includes crack repair, pothole repair, seal coating and striping. Any contractor specializing in asphalt maintenance likely has his own sweeper truck. Figuring the cost of the sweeping part of the bid is important. Bids A lot is a detailed program which generates accurate bids for sweeping. Remember when doing maintenance, offer contract sweeping. Daily – Monthly, Bids A Lot covers it all.

Parking Lot Maintenance

Parking Lot Maintenance can include many things. To be involved in this the contractor must be prepared to perform many tasks and services related to parking lots.

A parking lot sweeper would also offer some asphalt maintenance such as: striping, crack and pothole repair, pressure washing and seal coating. Offering these services along with sweeping gives the customer a “one stop shop” for his parking lot maintenance. This simplifies his workload and brings the contractor an extra layer of profit. A parking lot sweeping business that offers diversified services likely the preferred business when the bids are being considered. Price, quality and diverse services are key factors in the sweeping business.

Street Sweepers

A street sweeper who may do an occasional bid contract for sweeping a parking lot, may wonder how to bid the job. Bids A Lot is an online program that does the bidding for you. It accurately calculates the bid based on the parameters of the job and your desired profit margin. Although not designed to bid street sweeping, it gives the street sweeper the potential of adding parking lot sweeping to his or her routine and to do so profitably. Bids A Lot is the industry’s leading program for bidding parking lot sweeping. It also creates marketing letters and does invoicing.

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