“I see technology becoming used more and more. Knowing how to use online marketing will become more important as well as learning how to use our smart phones to their capacity. […] Ignoring that ‘Internet thing,’ is no longer an option. When was the last time you did a Google search for ‘parking lot sweeping’ or ‘street sweeping’? Do you rank?” – Debbie Jacketta ~ Jacketta Sweeping, Utah; Speaking of upcoming trends for the sweeping industry.

Bids•A•Lot is a bidding program for parking lot sweeping contractors. It’s ease of use and effectiveness has made Bids•A•Lot an invaluable tool that sweeper contractors depend on. As an online-only tool, Bids•A•Lot is always there for you, ready to be used and always available from your web browser without having to worry about installing anything or setting something up on your computer, laptop or cell phone! Read on and see the benefits of adding Bids•A•Lot software to your list of business necessities »

With Bids•A•Lot…

Invoice your customers

  • each invoice includes all pertinent information for your customer
  • it also includes your business information as well as your logo
  • it allows you to add a description of the work done during the month
  • it allows you to bill for any extra work done
  • a sales tax option is available for sales tax charges

Market Your Business

  • generate cover letters that you can use to introduce your company to a prospective customer
  • generate a letter to send along with your bid to a prospective customer
  • create and send ‘thank you’ letters
  • and so much more!

Generate Bids With Ease

  • generate a 9 option bid for your customer
  • use a parking lot survey form to ensure accuracy of bidding
  • bid consistently, NO overbidding and NO under bidding!
  • analyze jobs for profitability

Analyze Your Jobs

  • Bids•A•Lot helps to identify profitable versus non-profitable contracts
  • Quickly review current contracts and easily spot the winners as opposed to the losers
  • Establish and protect profit margin goals
  • Stores a customer profile on every bid generated