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  • Bids A Lot is a program that is the answer to the question of how to bid sweeping jobs.
  • It is sweeping software that takes the guesswork out of bidding
  • Bids A Lot helps all your sales people to bid at the rate you set
  • For less than $0.46 per day, you can have the Sweeping Industry’s Leading software for bidding parking lot sweeping contracts
  • When you bid, choose from 5 levels of service and generate a bid with 9 sweeping frequencies instantly
  • Bids A Lot is a Marketing, Invoicing and Bidding Program for Parking Lot Sweepers

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Sweeping Contractors that are new in the business benefit, because the program evaluates the parking lot for them, based on the details of that particular lot. You set your charge standard and it generates a professional, 9-option bid instantly.

Sweepers that are experienced also benefit. As a Sweeping business grows, owners typically delegate bidding to key employees. How do you keep your employees on the same page when it comes to bidding? Bids A Lot is the answer. It evaluates each parking lot with a 27 question survey and includes a code to set your charge rate and 5 choices for different levels of service. Every sales person is on the same page. The bids are not too high and not too low. Every bid considers all the details and is calculated quickly, easily and professionally. Everybody wins.

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