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Bids-A-Lot was first introduced to sweeping businesses everywhere in 1998 as a floppy disk-based program. Some years later, when the CD-ROM was widely being used, Bids-A-Lot was then converted to a CD-ROM format and sent via snail mail to interested users. And finally, in 2006, Bids-A-Lot made it’s way online as a web-based program. And throughout each of these stages, the program itself has generally stayed the same. The reason being, it’s just works. Bids-A-Lot is a solid and dependable online application that has been aiding sweeping businesses of all sizes since 1998 and it continues to be one of the only tailor-made software options available to date!

However, the Bids-A-Lot team have been neglecting the experience of the program for some years now. The website as it was, was outdated and lacked functionality and a modern touch that has been needed for so long. So whether you’re a new visitor to Bids-A-Lot for the first time or have been with us for a while, we welcome you to the new Bids-A-Lot online. The current website is easier to navigate and available on a wider variety of devices, but more importantly, the Bids-A-Lot program is now easier to use than ever. And we’re certain that you’ll enjoy using the online application more now that it is encompassed in a modern and flexible online environment.

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